SC's Competitive EDGE: Distribution and Logistics

OCtech Logistics Program

The Logistics certificate program at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College (OCtech) introduces students to both logistics and the fundamentals of management.

The program familiarizes students with order fulfillment and inventory control through enterprise resource planning (ERP) and the college’s Festo Didactic modular production system (MPS), a simulated production line with a warehousing component designed to educate students in automation technology and flexible manufacturing.

Festo’s MPS uses robots and automated guided vehicles to move product through assembly, into the warehouse for storage and out of the warehouse for shipment. This unique coursework prepares students for careers in distribution, transportation, warehousing, trucking operations, supply chain and manufacturing organizations.

Students who complete the program are encouraged to seek the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council foundational-level Certified Logistics Associate and mid-level Certified Logistics Technician certificates.

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