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Writing this book has been a wonderful, engaging, educational labor of love. I learned much about a system that I myself taught in as an
adjunct. I couldn’t have written this story of transformation without a lot of help from some great people. I’d like to thank Kelly Steinhilper
and Bridget Baker for traveling with me all over South Carolina to interview people who helped build and lead the system. We covered a lot
of miles and became friends in the process.
I’d like to thank the men and women whose interviews provided such wonderful stories, such great insight and stimulating material to
work with. They are Dr. Tom Barton, Bill Dudley, Fred Fore, Dr. Marilyn “Murph” Fore, Dr. JimHudgins, Montez Martin, Dr. Dennis Merrell,
Dr. Jim Morris, Cathy Novinger, Nick Odom, Dr. Barry Russell, Stan Smith, Dr. Darrel Staat, Dr. Lex Walters and Ed Zobel.
I’d like to acknowledge former Senator and Governor Ernest “Fritz” Hollings for his time and destiny-changing idea. I also recognize the
many contributions from people—too numerous to name—who worked so hard to create an exemplary system other states tried their best
to emulate.
I would be remiss if I didn’t extend thanks to the captains of industry who brought businesses to South Carolina and to the faculty and
students who engaged in learning so that a suitable workforce existed to sustain the state’s diversifying economy.
The guidance of the SC Technical College System Foundation kept me focused and on track. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to the founda-
tion and to the advisory committee that shepherded me through the process of writing the manuscript.
Lastly, I’d like to express my gratitude to the late Wade Martin for all that he set into motion. Throughout all my many interviews, his name
came up again and again. More than once, the word “genius” was attached and deservedly so. He helped get the system off to the right start
and though many people in South Carolina may never have heard his name, chances are his system touched their lives in beneficial ways.
Their destiny, along with the state’s destiny, is different and different in positive ways thanks to Wade Martin and the people acknowledged
Tom Poland
Columbia, South Carolina
October 2013
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